The Jesus de Limpia de Consolacion, or "La Capitana" sank in October of 1654 off the coast of Chanduy, Ecuador. The 1,200 ton Spanish galleon was the largest built in Colonial American during the 17th century, and the flagship of the Viceroyalty of Peru and the South Sea Armada. This ship was commissioned to carry Spanish coins including the Potosi Mint scandal coins, the subsequent countermark coins and many other dated from 1649-1654. 

Coins from this collection will present themselves in predominately the 8 Reales denomination. Some smaller varieties in denomination exist, however they are considered unique. According to records during this time, The King mandated that all 8 and 4 Reales coins be reviewed and "crown marked" as needed. This was due to the large fraud detected at the Potosi Mint in 1650.  All of the 2 and 1 Reales coins were ordered to be returned and re-minted, meaning many of the smaller coins technically should not exist!