Wampum Shell Necklace - First Currency of The Algonquin Indians

Wampum shells are a long lost treasure and one of the first known currencies in America.  They were worn as jewelry to show status and spiritual meaning by the Algonquian Indians.  

The combination of white and purple represented the duality of the world; light and dark, sun and moon, women and man, life and death. Wampum was given as a gift for many occasions: births, marriages, the signing of treaties, occasions for condolence and remembrance.

These beautiful white and purple shells will make a great addition to your jewelry collection.  

Length: 16.5" with a 2.5" extender

Choice of chains: Water resistant gold plated stainless steel ball chain (chain on the left) or traditional chain (chain on the right) - Please specify at checkout!

Natural Wampum Shell- variations in size and shape will occur