Roman Republic - AR Denarius - Roma - Circa 135 BC

Mint: Rome                                                                                         

Denomination: AR Denarius   

Date: Circa 135 BC       

Weight: 3.77 grams

Grade: NGC 6601624-012 Ch Fine (Strike 5/5, Surface 3/5)         

Mount:  14K Twister wire, flip mount

Description: Roman Republic, AR Denarius. Obverse: Head of Roma right, wearing winged helmet decorated with griffin crest and necklace of beads; X (mark of value) behind, dotted border. Reverse:  Spiral column with Aeolic capital, decorated with two bells at the top and two lions' foreparts at the base. Standing on column, togate statue holding staff in right hand; behind, each of the lions, corn-ear; to l., togate figure holding loaves in both hands and placing left foot on modius. To the right, togate figure holding lituus in right hand. Above, Latin inscription “C.A-VG”. Border of dots.   

History:  The moneyer, C. Minucius Augurinus is presumably the brother of Ti. Minucius Augurinus who issued a similar coins in 134 BC.  His coins are marked C AVG.  The column on the reverse represents the bronze Columna Minucia outside the Porta Trigemina in the Servian Wall.  In ancient Roman religion, Roma was a female deity who personified the city of Rome and more broadly, the Roman state. She was created and promoted to represent and propagate certain of Rome's ideas about itself, and to justify its rule.