Sterling Silver Luminite & Campo Frio Turquoise Bypass Ring

Description: The intense yet tranquil glow of the Luminite exudes a balmy air and immediately captures the eye. While the contrast of the Campo Frio Turquoise offset this unique ring and give it a casual ambiance. Wear this ring to adorn your business, casual, day and evening wear. Turquoise is said to be the healer of illness. Luminite is said to help her wearer focus.

Material's: Sterling Silver ring with; Luminite  and Turquoise stones

Sizing: This ring is adjustable from a size 5 to 10.

Materials: Luminite - 12mm round.

                  Turquoise: 10mm x 14mm.

Fits ring size: 5-10, Adjustable 5mm ring shank.