Spanish Colonial Cob - 1/2 Reales - Circa (1665-1752) - Sea Salvaged

Denomination: 1/2 Reales                                                                     

Date:  Not Visible          

Mint: Not Visible                                                                                            

Reign: Philip III 

Assayer: Not Visible                                                                              

Mount: 14K gold bezel.

Grade: NGC – 68667112-059                                                        

Description: Unknown Shipwreck. Obverse: Partially visible Jerusalem Cross. Marine damage. Reverse: Extensive Marine damage on what would be the Kings Monogram side.  

History: This coin is a certified member of the “Beachcomber Series” by Shipwreck Treasures of the Keys. It has been numismatically certified as authentic to its time period and demonstrates evidence of environmental wear and corrosion consistent with marine wear related to a shipwreck. This coin’s original background led to a Rimac River Cob. Coins of The Beachcomber Series do not have official salvager documentation proving their origin from a legal underwater shipwreck recovery. These coins may have been discovered on a beach near a wreck site, legally recovered by a salvager but now with lost documentation. No coin suspected of illegal removal from a wreck site will be included in this series. Each coin is certified as an authentic artifact that has survived a shipwreck. The Beachcomber Series also allows for the creation of a database to further our understanding of shipwrecks and their contents, both locally and globally, providing an additional benefit for collectors and researchers alike.