Spanish Cob - Minted in Lima, Peru - 2 Reales -Dated 1721 - Assayer "J"

Denomination: 2 Reales

Mint: Lima, Peru

Assayer: Diego de la Torre (1577-1588) "Star of Magi" or Lima "D"

Reign: King Philip II

Weight: 6.40 grams

Date: 1721

Coin Description: Rare date with reportedly no more than three examples known. Fine with bold partial shield and cross, final two digits of date visible. 

History: Lima Mint 1577 - 1588. Diego de la Torre's cons are, to this day, known in the coin world as some of the most pristinely struck cob coins under the Spanish crown. Diego is widely known as an Assayer who took great pride in the craftsmanship of the his ides and his coins.  These pieces are also loosely known as "Lima D's" - Their reputation as the best quality of al Spanish cobs preceded them.  

It is important to note The Star of Magi Mint Mark commemorates the 12th day of the Christian Holliday of the Epiphany, on January 6th, 1535.  On this 12th day, the magi presented their gifts to the infant Lord Jesus Christ. Lima was founded on this day, and is known as the City of Kings for this reason.