Authentic Spanish Cob - 8 Reales - Pillar & Wave design - Assayer "Y" - Sterling Silver Swordfish Mount

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Denomination: 8 Reales  

Mint: Potosi, Peru 

Assayer: "Y" Diego de Ybarbouru, 1701-1721

Weight: 24.27 grams

Mount:  Sterling Silver with Marlin Accent

Following the Potosi Mint Scandal of 1650, counter-stamped or "crown marked" versions of Spanish silver coinage appeared for a brief moment in time. Shortly after, an updated version of the Pillar and Wave design appeared, forever changing the design of Spanish cobs from the traditional Cross and Shield design. This hand-struck silver cob coin shows much of the lower portion of the Pillar and Wave design, representing the Pillars of Gibraltar (Hercules) and the Waves of the Atlantic Ocean. For centuries, this geographical location was considered the end of the world, prior to the discovery of the Americas. Assayer Mark "Y" indicates this cob was struck during the tenure of Diego de Ybarbouru, between the years 1701-1727, in Potosi, Peru.