Small Multi-Fossil Bracelet

A museum on your wrist. Can you even imagine that at one time this entire bracelet was alive? Wearing an alchemia multi-fossil bracelet is like wearing a museum on your wrist. It's even got some added benefits. Amber releases negative energy and is said to clear phobias. Toggle clasp for security.

Trilobite: 15mm x 18mm.

Amber: 18mm x 20mm.

Ammonite: 17mm x 21mm.

Fossil sand dollar: 16mm x 19mm.

Shark tooth: 21mm x 25mm.

Dinosaur bone: 18mm x 23mm.

Bracelets adjustable from: 7.25" - 8.25". Due to the one-of-a-kind nature of the fossil, the color and shape pattern may vary slightly from the image shown.