Limited Edition - Atocha Silver - Mano Figa Talisman

The "Mano Figa" talisman, a symbolic gesture of a thumb protruding from the fist, originates in Etruscan Italy. "Mano", meaning "hand", and "Figa" (or Fig), represents a woman's physical femininity. 

In Ancient times, the symbol was an incantation to the Goddess, invoking fertility. They were traditionally created with materials with close symbology of the Moon (Silver) or the Sea (Coral), with respect to the Lunar Goddess. 

Silver Figas began to appear as fashionable charms, pendants, and jewelry in 17th Century South America, where even today, they are talismans worn to protect the wearer from the Evil Eye. The obscenity of the gesture, much like the middle finger, is said to ward off Satan's conquest of your soul. 


Atocha Silver

The "Main Pile" of the Atocha was found in 1985.  Over 900 Silver Bars where recovered!  The Silver in this hand cast piece came from one of the bars recovered in 1985 by Mel Fisher and his divers.  This silver has not been refined and is in a very pure form. The silver is form ingot No. 393