Shipwreck - "Santa Maria de la Consolacion" - 4 Reales - Mounted in 14K gold

Date: 1653
4 Reales
Carlos II
Mint: Potosi  
Erqueta “E” 
Mount: 14k gold

The Shipwreck of the Santa Maria de la Consolacion was discovered by ROBCAR in 1997. The company has had the official Ecuadorian salvage lease for the wreck site continuously since that time. Shortly after the wreck was discovered, marine archeologist Robert F. Marx discovered documents and a ship’s manifest in the archives of Spain which identified the wreck.

The Santa Maria de la Consolacion reportedly sank near Santa Clara Island while evading Pirates in 1681.  nicknamed Isla de Muertos in the 1680s by the Spanish. Isla de Muertos (Island of the Dead) was often a routine stopover for the Armada del Mar del Sur, the Galleons carrying treasure from Spain to Chile and Peru to Panama. She was carrying 146,000 Pesos along with 800 silver bars, and gold ingots valued at 34,000 pesos.  The shipwreck was discovered in 1997 by ROBCAR, S.A.