Atocha 1622 Shipwreck - Hand-Blown Glass Orb or paper weight.

This is a very practical way to own a piece of History from the Atocha.
These pieces can be displayed or simply used as a paper weight.  
"This is a one of a kind piece filled with shipwreck copper"
Excellent gift idea for the Treasure enthusiast. 

Size: approximately 2" diameter

Metal:  Approximately 7 grams of pure copper from an Atocha copper ingot

Note: Copper ingot 85A-1625-2 

History: The ancient art of glassmaking is widely believed to have originated in Egypt around 3500 BC. Glassblowing - the technique of pushing air through a tube to shape molten glass - was invented by 1st Century BC Syrian craftsmen, a skill and science whose methods were guarded as secret and passed from master to apprentice or through family lineage.

This glass orb was crafted exclusively for Shipwreck Treasures of the Keys and contains approximately 7 grams of pure copper shavings from ingot 85A-1625-2, recovered from the 1622 fleet shipwreck Nuestra Senora de Atocha on December 31, 1985.