"Rosebud" South Sea Pearl Octopus Pendant with Diamonds, Emeralds, Sapphires and a Pearl

.3 karat Diamond

.33 karat Diamond

.55 karat Emerald

Sapphire Eyes

South Sea Pearl "head"

"Rosebud" is the second Pearl Octopus by local artist Elaine Davia, handmade here in Key West. This is the story of the creation of "Rosie," predecessor of "Rosebud."

"Rosie earned her name. I give Rosie her eyes right away because I like to look at her. She is hand created using a plaster cast of her head. I build her body and legs by melting gold and fusing it to her. As I do this her head sits on my bench looking just like an alien. Thus, "Rosie" for "Roswell." After her body and legs are made I attach her head.