Religious Medallion - "The Passion of Christ and The Holy Family" - Presented in a Sterling Silver Mount

Passion of Christ and The Holy Family.  

The Holy Family is depicted on the reverse of the medallion, below a banner containing the legend: 


Glo(ria) In Excels(is) Deo: Glory to God in the Highest –

The angel's song at the birth of Christ

 "Gloria in Excelsis Deo"

 Description:  Recreated from the medallions found on the Shipwreck El Buen Consejo

Metal: Atocha Silver - Comes with Certificate of Authenticity for historic silver

Dimension: 15 x 15 mm

Mount: Sterling Silver

History: The Passion of Christ consists of the events that occurred during the Sufferings of Christ, from the Last Supper to His crucifixion.  The Stations of the Cross, also termed the Way of the Cross, are a series of Christ.  The accepted number of Stations and events of the Stations varied considerably in past ages, but today fourteen are recognized.  For centuries artists have portrayed The Stations of the Cross in individual details or in composites.  Passion Sunday is observed on the first Sunday in Lent, one week before Palm Sunday. 

Reverse: The abbreviated legend on the Christ's Passion medallion reads: 


Pass(io) Chris(ti) Comfort(a) Me

“This means Passion of Christ, comfort (or strengthen) me.”

Obverse: A prayer of Saint Ignatius reads:

Soul of Christ, sanctity me

Body of Christ, save me