Rainbow Tourmaline Necklace w/ Diamond

Stone: Rainbow Tourmaline w/ Diamond 

Metal: 14K gold 

The wonderful tourmaline stone highlighted by gold and a white diamond, this necklace is a very enchanting and protecting lucky charm. The powerful tourmaline stone inspired a life full of love and joy, each of it’s many color varieties represents a different magical property: Green feeds your life force, Pink soothes and harmonizes

Gold: 14k - 585/1000
Gold weight: approx. 1,1 gr
Rough tourmaline: approx. 1,5-2,5 carat
Brilliant cut G/VS-VVS white diamond,
approx. 1,5 mm - 0,015ct

Chain link: 0,9 mm

The tourmaline stones have different color and shape, every stone is unique which will make your necklace so special.

Handcrafted in Athens, Greece