Authentic Crusader coin (Denier) - Principality of Antioc - Bohemond III - circa 1163-1201

Denomination: Denier                                                                Date: 1163-1201 AD
Reign: Bohemond III                                                                     Mint: Antioch (Turkey) 
Grade: PCGS 44786416 - AU55
Mount: Sterling Silver ring with 14K coin bezel with 14K fluer de lis on sides
Description: Obverse: Helmeted Crusader Knight wearing chain mail.  Star to right, 
crescent to left. The legends reads ANTIOCHIA. Reverse: Crusader Cross with crescent
in second quarter. The legendreads BOAMVNDVS.
History: The First Crusade was declared
in 1095 by Pope Urban II and it is objective was to provide military support to
Byzantine Emperor Alexios I against the Seljuk Turks, as well as reclaiming the
"Holy Land" from Muslim rule. The Crusades started around 1095 and continued for
nearly 200 years, during that time four different Crusades were made to retake
Jerusalem. The Crusades in the Middle East ended when the city of Acre fell in 1291.
These silver deniers or pennies were issued in the name of King Bohemond III 
(1163-1201), who in the summer of 1191, alongside Guy de Lusignan met Richard of
England (Lion Heart) during the siege of Acre. Richard was part of the Third Crusade
(1189–1192), an attempt by three European monarchs (including Richard of England) to
reconquer the Holy Land from Saladin.