Potosi, Peru - 8 Reales - Post-Transitional Pillar and Wave - Assayer Erqueta - Fully Dated 1652

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  • Denomination: 8 Reales  
  • Assayer: "E" Antonio de Ergueta 
  • Weight: 23.52 g
  • Mint: Potosi, Peru
  • (modern-day Bolivia) 
  • Reign: Philip IV
  • Date: 1652
  • Artifact Number: CAP-151  


DESCRIPTIONType VIII-B Post-Transitional hand-struck cob. Fully Dated, 1652. 

OBVERSE: PILLAR SIDE. Displays full date, showing a "1" and "6" above the Pillars of Gibraltar and the following digits of the year, "52" between Type D Pillars. Prominent Roman Numeral 8 expressing the coin's value, below letters "PH" expressing King Philip IV's Reign. 

Spain's "PLUS ULTRA" motto, bisecting the coin, translates to "Further Beyond" from Latin, and is strategically placed between the Pillars as Spain's declaration of the conquest and ownership of newly discovered lands beyond The Pillars of Gibraltar; The New World. A crudely-struck partial legend is visible surrounding the Pillars, which reads; "EL PERU" and "POTOSI," expressing the Mint's location in Peru, though some letters in the legend are not visible.  

REVERSE: CROSS SIDE. Type B Cross (slightly broken arms) with small walking lions, tongues displayed. Type II Castles. The last three digits of the date appear, the middle digit "5" blurred, and central below the Cross. Prominent Mint Mark "P", prominent Assayer's Mark, "E".