Ancient Greece - AR Quinarious. - Circa mid- 1st Century BC


Denomination: AR Quinarious                                              

Mint: Central Gaul, Seguani

Date: Circa mid-1st century BC                                             

Weight: 1.93 grams

Grade: NGC 6345886-271. AU details.

Description: CENTRAL GAUL. Sequani. Obverse: Male head with curly hair left. (SE-QVANOIO-TVOS). Reverse: Boar standing left.  

History: The quinarius was struck for a few years, along with the silver sestertius, following the introduction of the denarius in 211 BC. At this time the quinarius was valued at 5 asses. The coin was reintroduced in 101 BC as a replacement for the victoriatus, this time valued at 8 asses due to tariffing of the denarius to 16 asses in 118 BC. For a few years following its reintroduction, large quantities of quinarii were produced, mostly for circulation in Gaul. The coin was produced sporadically until the 3rd century.