Limited Edition - Atocha Silver Bar Pendant - Mounted in 14K gold

"Handcrafted with actual Silver from a Silver Bar, in its purest form" 
recovered from the Atocha". 


Metal: Atocha Silver (85A-S292)       

Height: 2.0"    

Width: 0.5"  

Weight: 6.82 gm 

Mount: 14K gold 

Description: This miniature silver ingot was handcrafted from a larger silver bar discovered on the Nuestra Señora de Atocha, that sank off the coast of Key West in 1622. The original certificate number of the actual bar used for this piece is 85A-S292.  

History: The "Main Pile" of the Nuestra Senora de Atocha was found in 1985.  Over 950 Silver Bars were recovered!  The Silver in this hand cast piece came from one of the bars recovered in 1985, by Mel Fisher and his divers.  This silver has not been refined and is in a very pure form. The tag number for the silver ingot used is 85A-S4.  This was the 4th silver bar tagged and documented. This exquisite piece comes with certificate of authenticity for the bar from which it was created.