Ancient Greece - AR Stater - Circa 325-350 BC - Wrestlers

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Denomination: AR Stater                                                                  

Date: Circa 325-350 BC

Mint: Pisidia, Selge                                                                            

Weight: 9.91 gm

Grade: Fine

Description: Pisidia, Selge. AR stater (23mm, 9.91 gm, 12h). Obverse: Two nude wrestlers grappling, K between / ΣΕΛΓΕΩΝ. Reverse: Slinger striding to right, pulling sling taught overhead; triskeles clockwise over club in right field; all in dotted border.  

History: Selge rose to the rank of the most powerful and populous city of Pisidia, and at one time was able to send an army of 20,000 men into the field. Owing to these circumstances, and the valor of its inhabitants, for which they were regarded as worthy kinsmen of the Spartans, the Selgians were never subject to any foreign power, but remained in the enjoyment of their own freedom and independence. When Alexander the Great passed through Pisidia (333 BC), Selge sent an embassy to him and gained his favor and friendship.