Crusader Coin of Hugh IX - Sterling Silver Ring w/ 18k Bezel - Size 11 1/2

Denomination:  AR Denier                                                    

Mint: Lusignan

Weight: .805 g                                                                       

Date: Circa 1199-1219

Grade: Very Fine

Description: France, County of La Marche, Hugues IX of Lusignan, 1199 - 1219 A.D. Obverse: + MARCHIE *, crosslet surrounded by tow crescents and two annulets, within inner boarder. Reverse: + VGO COMES, cross pattee.

History: Hugh IX of Lusignan was born around 1159, in Loire, France. His father, Geoffrey De Lusignan VIII (Seigneur of Moncontour), was 18 and his mother, Umberge de Limoges, was 27. He married Mathilde D'ANGOULEME in Lusignan, Vienne, Poitou-Charentes, France. Hughes IX succeeds Hugues VIII, Lord of Lusignan. In 1208, Hugh IX sold his land to his son and left to spend the rest of his life on crusade in the Holy Land where he died at Damietta, at the age of 61, and was buried in Couhé, Poitou, France on November 5th, 1219.