Guatemala 1/4 Reales Cob - Coin Dated 1893 - Mounted in 18K Gold Ring

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Denomination: 1/4 Reales (Silver) "Cuartillo"

Date: 1893

Mount: 18k gold - hand engraved band with a "Marlin"  accent

Mint: Guatemala

History: Guatemala City was founded by Pedro de Alvarado in 1524. He was an associate of the famed explorer, Hernan Cortez. After more than three centuries of control, a liberal revolution led to Guatemala’s independence from Spanish rule in 1821. Unsure of how exactly to rule their newly freed country, the leaders decided to become a part of the Mexican Empire the following year. Later, the Guatemalan Republic consisted of what is current-day El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica under the “Republic of Central America”. The Republic (1823-1839) applied for U.S. Statehood and was vehemently denied by U.S. Congress, most likely due to political relations with Mexico. Mexico would have been surrounded by The United States had the partnership been allowed. Then in 1839, Guatemala withdrew from the federation. The federal republic broke down in 1842, allowing Guatemala to gain its true and full independence.

Guatemala continued to mint Reales (silver coins) for a brief period of time, even after their independence from Spain, before transitioning their monetary system to the peso, and finally, to their modern currency; the quetzal.

Guatemala was the last country in Latin America to abandon the real, in 1912, a reflection of the extreme conservatism of the peasant society.