Ancient Greek Bronze - Athena - Circa 196-27 BC

Mint: Thessaly                                                                                      

Denomination: AE Bronze

Date: Circa 196-27 BC                                                                          

Weight: 4.37 grams

Mount: Sterling Silver with 14K prongs and bale.                                      

Grade: NGC 5873685-054. VF

Description: Thessaly, Thessalian League, c. 196-27 BC. AE (17mm, 4.37g, 12h). Ippaitas, magistrate. Obverse: Helmeted head of Athena facing right. Obverse:  Horse advancing right. 

History: The history of the Thessalian League can be traced back to the rule of king Aleuas, a member of the Aleuadae clan. One source states that it was under Aleuas that Thessaly was divided into four regions. Sometime after the death of Aleuas, it is believed that the Aleuadae split into two families, the Aleuadae and the Scopadae. The former was based in the city of Larissa, which later became the capital of the League. The two families formed two powerful aristocratic parties and bore considerable influence over Thessaly.