Authentic 2 Escudos Cob - Minted in Seville, Spain - Grade NGC AU 53 - Mounted in 18K gold and accented with a diamond in the bale.

Denomination:  2 Escudo 

Mint: Seville

Date: Circa 1610

Reign: Philip III

Assayer: "D"

Weight: 6.63 g

Grade: NGC AU 53  (6442517-002)

History: There were several public and private mints in Spain until Philip V, the first Bourbon King of Spain, decided in the 18th century to make minting coinage a state monopoly. During the reign of Isabella II there were seven public mints, located in Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Pamplona, Jubia, Segovia and Manila (in the Philippines), and each one had its own cypher and signs. When the peseta became the national currency in 1869, only the Royal Mint in Madrid was in operation.

In 1893 the Mint (Casa de la Moneda) and the Stamp Factory (Fábrica del Sello), which so far had been two different establishments sharing a building in Plaza de Colón, merged to create the Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre.