Ancient Prutah - Jewish First Revolt - Year Two Necklace - 14k gold mount

Denomination: Bronze Prutah, 16.5 mm

Minted: 67-8 C.E. in Judea

Mount: 14k gold

Comes with chain

History: Bronze Prutahs were issued in the second and third years of the First Revolt, beginning in 66 C.E. Earlier types of these coins were hand-struck in silver during the first years of the Revolt. Soon, accessibility to silver was scarce and production soon changed to bronze.

The First Revolt was sparked by a Roman massacre of Jews and desecration of their synagogue in Caesaera. In 66 C.E. (Common-Era) Revolutionaries quickly sacked the City of Jerusalem, admitting them access to religious temples and the treasury. The end came on 4 August 70, when Titus, son of the new Emperor Vespasian, captured and sacked Jerusalem and destroyed the holy temple. The Jewish fast of Tisha B'Av morns the Fall of Jerusalem annually on this date.

This Prutah is from the second year of the First Revolt, and features an uncovered amphora. Just one year later, Amphora from the third year would feature a pointed cover over the amphora.

These hand-struck bronze coins are inscribed with a poignant message in Hebrew: "The Deliverance of Zion," referring to the verse in Obadiah 1:17
“But on Mount Zion there shall be deliverance, And there shall be holiness; The house of Jacob shall possess their possessions." - New King James Version