Religious Shipwreck Medallion (El Bueno Consejo) - Atocha Silver - Domenico Heart Patron Saint of Astronomers

Saint Dominic (Obverse) was born at Burgos, Old Castile, in 1170, to the son of a wealthy Spanish family. His name, Dominic, means "belonging to God."

In 1216 he founded the Order of Friars Preachers -- the Dominicans. Dominic was well educated and his Order was committed to learning, teaching, and prayer. He was instrumental in the founding of Toulouse University.

Three times he was chosen to be Bishop, but declined, believing himself to be called to the apostolic life. Dominic dedicated his life to the conversion of non-believers, and the teaching of the holy faith. Tradition, if not historic evidence, credits Dominic as institutor of the Holy Rosary. He is often depicted in art carrying a tall cross and holding lilies. Saint Dominic is the Patron Saint of Astronomers. The legend on the medallion reads: S. Domenico.

Virgin and Child (Reverse) are depicted on the reverse of the medallion, each with one arm extended, holding a rosary. The legend reads:
Reg(ina) Sac(ratissimi) R(osarii)
This means: Queen of the Most Holy Rosary

These Re-Creation Pendants are Made with Atocha Silver in the exact style and design of the thousands of religious medallions found at the shipwreck site of         "El Bueno Consejo", on shore of the Caribbean island Anguilla.