Tibetan Tangka - Lotus Flower + Buddhist Lucky Symbols - Circa 1850-1948 - (chain included)

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Embark on the ultimate spiritual journey - wearing this captivating Tibetan Tangka from 1850-1948 adorned with Lotus Flower and Buddhist Lucky Symbols. Dare to be different and shine with the bold beauty and power of this unique piece - chain included!

Denomination: 1 Tangka  

Date: Circa (1850-1948 CE)

Mount: 14K gold mount - Chain included.

Description: The Tanka's obverse shows a Lotus Flower within a circle surrounded by the 8 Buddhist Lucky Symbols:

Chattra-Parasol; protection against all evil. 

Shrivasta- An infinite knot; long life and never-ending love. 

Dharmachakra - Wheel of the Law; the eight spokes represent the eight-fold-path. Completion and salvation through Buddha's teachings.

Kalasha-vase of abundance; contains water of immortality.

Matsyayugma- Golden fish, salvation from suffering, fertility.

Padma - The Perfect Lotus; purity

Reverse: 8-petalled Wheel/Flower

History: These Tibetan silver coins known as Ga-den. Silver Tangkas are considered by many to be the most beautiful of all Tibetan coins. They were struck around the time of the 12th Dalai Lama.  Tibet historically represented a forbidden land encircled by the Himalayan and Kunlum mountains. The Dalai Lamas, the spiritual leader purposely isolated the country for over a thousand years.