Authentic Spanish Coin - Private Collection - 2 Reales - Dated 1776

Denomination: 2 Reales                                                                      

Mint: Mexico 

Reign: Carolus III                                                                                   

Date: 1776

Assayer: FM                                                                                         

Weight: 4.23 grams

Mount: 14K Gold

Grade: PCSG – 46679698 – F12

Description: Private Collection. 2 Reales, Carolus III, Dated 1776.  Obverse: Bust of Carolus III. Latin: “Dei Gratia”. (In the grace of God). Visible date (1776) and Denomination (2R). Reverse: Hapsburg Shield with Pillars of Hercules on sides. Latin: “Hispan Et Ind Rex” (By the grace of God, King of Spain, and the Indies”.

History: The Spanish empire of the 18th and early 19th centuries was the leading producer of most of the world’s coinage. Important Spanish mints and mining operations were then located in Bolivia, Chile, Peru, Columbia, and Mexico. Seventy percent of the world’s gold and silver were produced in the colonies at that time. By 1869, only the Royal Mint in Madrid was in operation. These historic coins are known to Collectors as “cobs” and the abbreviation of the Spanish term for “Cabo De Berra” meaning cut from the end of the bar. Minted in five denominations in silver, the largest was the eight Reales, famous in the colonies and among pirates as a "piece of eight." The other denominations were four Reales, two Reales, one Reales and half Reales