Shark Vertebrae Bracelet - "Vertebraecelet" - Leather Cord

This simple, elegant leather cord shark vertebrae bracelet is easy and rustic, just like life by the ocean. The bracelet features an irregular-shaped fossil shark vertebra (worn down in the center by natural processes that have occurred over millions of years). Yours will be the only one of its shape & color and is genuinely unique in all the world! The prehistoric fossil vertebra bracelet can be worn as a symbol of strength, confidence, and courage as well as a reminder of your connection with the ocean. 

  • Sturdy leather cord with slide lock magnetic clasp pulls up and out
  • Keep dry and remove before swimming
  • Available in small, medium, large
  • Available in FOUR different Earth tone cord colors - Tan, Rust, Black, Brown
  • Real fossilized shark vertebrae dating back millions of years and found in Charleston (no sharks harmed in the process!!)
  • We recommend a snug fit, as leather will loosen over time. 
  • Photographed in order below (Rust, Black, Brown, Tan) leather cord
  • Please allow for variation in vertebrae, as no two are alike