Santa Maria de la Consolation (Isla de Muerto or Isle of the dead) - 2 Reales - Dated: 1676

Denomination:  2 Reales               

Dated: 1676      

Assayer: "E" Erqueta (1652-1679)

Reign: Carlos II                             

Mint: Potosi                

Mount: Sterling Silver with 18K prongs and bale

History: The coin described herein was recovered from the wreck site of the Santa Maria de la Consolacion located near Santa Clara Island in the Guld of Guayaquil Ecuador. Santa Clara Island is also known as “el Muertos” by the locals. Some say because from a distance the island looks like a dead man on his back; others say it is because the pirates beheaded the crew of the Consolacion on the island. The Shipwreck of the Santa Maria de la Consolacion was discovered by ROBCAR in 1997.