Authentic Gela Shipwreck Coin - Minted in Fosdinovo, Italy - Denomination: 1 Luigino - Circa 1667

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Denomination: AR Luigino

Dated: 1667

Mint: Fosdinovo – (County of Tassarolo) Italian States

Weight: 2.18 gm

Diameter: 22mm

Mount:  Sterling Silver

History:  The Gela shipwreck occurred 12 miles east of Gela, Sicily in 1667.  The ship was traveling through the Mediterranean Sea from Spain, around Sicily to the Arab lands of the near East. Much of the treasure was Spanish cobs and silver Luigino’s from Italian colonies.

The silver Luigino was minted in Fosdinovo, a lordship and castle near Florence. It is still owned by the Malaspina family. This castle sheltered Dante Alighieri, the writer during his exile.