Madrid Minted Cob - 1 Reales - Presented in a Sterling Silver Pendant

Denomination: 1 Reales Silver coin

Reign: Carolus IV (Spain)

Mint: Madrid, Spain

Mount: Sterling Silver,

Dated: Various dates from (1775 to 1813) 

Source: Private collection coin

History: Carlos IV ruled as King of Spain from 1788 until 1801, which ended up being a major turning point in Spanish history. Under his authority, Spain entered a series of alliances which proved to be a disadvantage to his regime.  He hated his son and heir, Fernando VII, and played a passive role in his government, while his wife and first minister managed most of his affairs.

 Upon his accession to the throne, Carlos IV intended to maintain the policies his father had set forth. During his rule, scientific expeditions continued; some of which began with his father. Spain’s economy had been in trouble for a long time and things continued to deteriorate under Carlos IV. Coupled with rumors of affairs and patterns of ineptitude, the monarchy under Carlos IV declined.