Gold 1/2 Escudo - Mint: Madrid, Spain - Grade NGC AU 53 - Custom mounted in a Sterling ring with an 18K gold bezel.

Denomination:  1/2 Escudo.                                       

Mint: Madrid, Spain    

Date: 1758                                                                 

Reign: Ferdinand VI

Assayer:  JB                                                                  

Grade: NGC Slabbed VF 35 (6354751-008)

Description: Obverse: Ferdinand VI, Bust facing right.  Reverse: Crowned arms in collar of the golden fleece.

History: Crowned shield in collar of The Golden Fleece: It was under Philip III, Duke of Burgundy, that the richness and extravagance of court life in the Middle Ages reached its apex. Philip, whose personal tastes in clothes were relatively simple for a King, surrounded himself with all the pomp and pageantry that the age could command. In 1430, King Philip founded a new order of chivalry; a Burgundian version of the British Order of the Garter, called The Golden Fleece. The Order was founded in Bruges in Flanders, to commemorate his wedding there to Isabella of Portugal. Exclusive membership to The Order was limited to 24 noblemen of proven valor and wide renown. Court was held at Brussels or Bruges, in Brabant and Flanders, respectively