Ancient Byzantine Empire - Justin II - Circa (565-578 AD) - AV Solidus - Presented in a 14K gold mount

Denomination: AV Solidus

Description: Byzantine Gold, AV   

Obverse. Bust of diademed Emperor holding globus with Victory and Shield decorated

Reverse: Constantinopolis enthroned, holding scepter and globus cruciger

Circa: 565-578   

Mount: 14K gold

History:  The first months of Justin II's reign were quite promising: he paid off Justinian's debts, cancelled tax debts on his part, demonstratively took care of the administration of justice personally and called for religious tolerance.

Internally, however, his uncompromisingly anti-Monophysite religious policy soon caused him difficulties, which led to growing tensions between the central office and the rich Syrian and Egyptian provinces; moreover, he made himself unpopular with a rigid (but apparently not entirely unsuccessful at first) financial policy. It is remarkable that Justin II broke with a centuries-old tradition and ordered that henceforth the governors of the provinces should no longer be appointed by the emperor, but by an assembly of the local bishops.