Ancient Greek - Myrina - AR Silver Tetradrachm -Circa 155-145BCE - Mounted in 18K gold

    Denomination: AR Tetradrachm                                       

    Date: 155-145 BCE

     Mint: Myrina, a small town on the coast of Aeolian Asia Minor, was known in ancient times primarily for its proximity to the Apollonian temple at Gryneium

    Weight: 16.33 grams (29.86 mm)

    Mount: 18K Gold

    Description:  Obverse: Laureate head of Apollo right, hair in three braids. Reverse: MYPINAION downwards to left of Apollo of Gryneium, laureate and with long, draped loins, standing right, holding patera and filleted branch, omphalos and amphora at right foot, all within laurel wreath.

    History: Myrina, a queen of the Amazons. According to Diodorus Siculus, she led a military expedition in Libya and won a victory over the people known as the Atlantians, destroying their city Cerne; but was less successful fighting the Gorgons (who are described by Diodorus as a warlike nation residing in close proximity to the Atlantians), failing to burn down their forests. During a later campaign, she struck a treaty of peace with Horus, ruler of Egypt, conquered several peoples, including the Syrians, the Arabians, and the Cilicians (but granted freedom to those of the latter who gave in to her of their own will).