Atocha Shipwreck 1622 - Silver Plate Rim Fragment

This is a nice  400 year old shipwreck collectible.  
It would make a nice gift for anyone shipwreck enthusiast.


Tag#: 01A-51412

Recovery Vessel: Dauntless

Recovery date: 9/26/2001

Description: Silver Plate Rim Fragment

History: On September 6, 1622, the heavily laden treasure galleon of King Philip IV's Terra Firme Fleet struck a reef and sank in a raging storm near the Florida Keys. More than two hundred and sixty persons perished, and tons of gold, silver, and other precious cargo were lost to the sea. All attempts to locate the shipwreck failed until the location of the primary cultural deposit were made by Treasure Salvors, Inc. on July 20th, 1985. 

silver plate