1715 Plate Fleet - 2 Lead Split Shot - Cabin Wreck site with a Mel Fisher Certificate of Authenticity.

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This split shot has an original Mel Fisher signed certificate 

for this artifact found on the Cabin Wreck site.  

History: On July 27th, 1715, the combined Fleet of Don Antonio de Echeverz and Captain-General Juan Estevean de Ubilla weighed anchor in Havana, Cuba. The convoy headed Northeast, bound for the Gulf of Florida, and then on to Spain. At 2:00 AM on July 31, violent hurricane force winds blow from the East-North-East. One after another the ships were driven onto the Eastern shores of Florida, and into the jagged reefs. Ten of the eleven ships were pounded to death, some with all hands. The treasure of these ships is spread over miles of beach and spewed out over rocks, shallows, and sand. Some of the cargo was recovered by a salvage operation conducted by Spain in 1716. The 1715 Fleet is still an active dive site, located on an area of beach in Florida's Treasure Coast. The region is so named after these eleven Spanish galleons and the treasures which occasionally still wash ashore.