Religious Shipwreck Medallion (El Bueno Consejo) - Atocha Silver - Christ Carrying The Cross + The "Pieta"

Metal: Made from Atocha Silver Bar #393 (in its purest form)    

Deminsion: 1 3/8 x 1 3/8 inch

Obverse: Christ Carrying the Cross

Reverse: The Pieta

Also available in Bronze*

Illustrated on this medallion are two mysteries -- which are defined as scenes from the life or the Passion of Christ. The legend accompanying Christ Carrying the Cross reads: JESVSNAZ ZARENVS

This means: Jesus of Nazareth, or the Nazarene, referring to the place where Christ grew up until he began his public ministry.

The legend encircling The Pieta reads:  CONFR B M V A PIET IN PAROCH ECCL S PAVLI Confr(aternitas) B(eatae) M(ariae) V(irginae) a Piet(a) Paroch(ia) Eccl(esiae) S(ancti) Pauli

This means: Confraternity of the Pieta of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the parish church of St. Paul (outside the walls in Rome). Confraternities were religious groups or organizations dedicated to some special devotion or trade or the like. Each had a church where it met. This one met at St. Paul's.

History: These Re-Creation Pendants are Made with Atocha Silver in the exact style and design of the thousands of religious medallions found at the site of El Bueno Consejo, on shore of the Caribbean island Anguilla.