La Capitana - 8 Reales - Partially Dated (XX)51 - Assayer O (1649-1651)

  • Denomination: 8 Reales    
  • Reign: Philip IV
  • Mint: Potosi
  • Assayer: Juan Rodriquez de Rosa 
  • ("O" with a dot in the center - "Rosa the Wheel")
  • Weight: 24 grams
  • Date: (16)51
  • Counter Stamp: Counter Stamped with "Crown over "PH"
  • History: Official records reported the loss of 3,000,000 pesos of silver, augmented to a total of as much as 10 million pesos when contraband and private consignments were taken into account. By comparison, the entire annual silver production in Peru at that time was only about 6-7 million pesos. This implies that the Capitana was carrying almost 1½ years of production by the Spanish!


  • C-512-C404-B