Nuestra Señora de Atocha -Atocha Silver Bar Bracelet - Limited edition piece - Handcrafted from Atocha silver in its purest form.

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  • LIMITED EDITION - Hand crafted from a silver bar in its purest form


    Description: Limited Edition – Atocha Silver Bar Bracelet.

    Metal:  Pendant -Atocha silver in its purest form (9.44 grams)

                  Bracelet - Sterling Silver (Approximately 47 grams)

    Atocha Silver Bar: 85A-S292

    History:  Over 900 silver bars are listed in the Atocha’s manifest.  Many of the silver bars were processed at the mints in Potosi or Oruro (Peru).  To form the ingots more than 80 pounds of silver were poured into molds.  The assayer would then remove a tiny divot of the silver bar (this was referred to as a bit mark) to test the purity of the silver.  The bars usually tested at 99% pure silver.