Ancient Roman Empire - Theodosius II - Sterling Silver Cross w/ gold plated bezel

Denomination:  AE Bronze                                                         

Date: 425-435 CE

Description: Obverse: "D N THEODOSIVS P F AVG", pearl-diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right. Reverse: no legend, cross in wreath, mint mark below

History: Theodosius II, Roman emperor of the East, was born in April of 401 AD.  Theodosius' birth was received with considerable excitement, both by his family and by the broader population of Constantinople. He was baptized and crowned Augustus in January of the following year to enthusiastic crowds.  His eldest sister, Pulcheria, who would gain great importance after the end of Anthemius' career, oversaw his moral education.It was during the reign of Theodosius that the first great pandect of Roman law was published, with direct participation from the emperor himself- in March of 429, Theodosius set up a commission to take all existing laws from the late third century onward and arrange them in such a way as to present a completely new and current code of jurisprudence. 

In February of 438, the Codex Theodosianus was published and presented to the Senates in Rome and Constantinople, which both received the work with apparent enthusiasm.  The code is probably the only major accomplishment during Theodosius reign that can be directly attributed to his influence.  Theodosius studied and visible piety would become a model for future emperors, and his Theodosian blood kept civil wars practically non-existent.