Admiral Gardner Shipwreck - Copper cash coin - Dated 1808 - Three languages appear on these early 1800's coins, making them an exceptional collector's piece.

Denomination; 10X Cash
Date: 1808
Mount: Sterling Silver

The East India Company "X [10] CASH" coins comprised a lost treasure salvaged in 1986 from the English Channel, after a fierce storm on the Goodwin Sands on January 25 1809 wrecked the ship shortly after it left port. 

The ship was bound for India, it's purpose to carry these coins to Madras and Bengal to pay workers. The coins themselves were struck at the Birmingham Mint in 1808 for this express purpose. 

Take note, three different languages are visible on the coins; The Obverse, in English, bears the seal granted to the East India Company of England 1698. The motto is in Latin and translates: "Under the Patronage of the King and Parliament of England." The Reverse, in Persian, translates: "Ten cash are equal to Two Falus."