8 Escudo - Lima Mint - Dated 1715

Denomination: 8 Escudo 
Date: 1715
Mint: Lima, Peru
Diameter: 29.32 mm
Weight: 26.97 grams

Assayer: "M" 

Description: Pillar and Wave Style Eight escudo gold coin minted in Lima, Peru.

The Obverse features the Pillar and Wave style representing the Pillars of Gibraltar creating a tic-tac design across the field. Roman numeral "8" depicts the coin's denomination, with the Mint mark "L" for Lima, and "M" for Assayer Felix Cristobal Cano Melgarejo. Waves below the Pillars dip down in the center, another indicator of a Lima-struck coin. Date x715 visible. Legend surrounding reads "Hispaniuarum Rex Anno," an incomplete wording of "By the Grace of God-King of the Spains and the Indies," indicating ownership of the New World (Indies). Small divot in right pillar. 

The Reverse displays bold central details with some legend showing. Prominent cross and "Phillipvs" visible. Beautiful luster on thick planchet. 

History: Potosi and Lima coins adopted the Pillar and Waves design in 1684 and 1652, respectively. The vertical lines of the Pillar and Waves design stand for the Pillars of Hercules that stood on either side of the Strait of Gibraltar at the entrance to the Mediterranean Sea. The waves represent the area beyond the pillars, or the Atlantic Ocean where the New World was found by Spain. In the center of the design are the letters, PLV-SLV-TRA (here, P-V-A), which stands for "Further Beyond." The message in this motto gives the impression that Spain had influence and/or control over most of the world, new and old.