Lima "D" cob - 2 Reales - Grade 1 - Assayer: Diego de la Torre (1577-1588)

"This 2 Reales, Grade 1 silver piece of eight from Lima is a true collectible. Hand struck with a Crude Die. this piece is sure to wow any discerning collector with its magnificent craftsmanship and timeless appeal. A must-have addition to any collection"


Denomination: 2 Reales 

Mint: Lima, Peru

Assayer: Diego de la Torre (1577-1588) "Star of Magi" or Lima "D"

Reign: King Philip II

Weight: 6.28 gm

Date: Circa (1577-1588)

Mount: 14k White Gold + 14K Gold

Description: Obverse: Bold and clear Greek cross with lions and castles in 4 quadrants. Reverse: Bold and clear Kings shield with Mint mark, Assayer mark and "Star of Magi" on left side visible

History: Hand-struck at the Lima Mint from 1577 - 1588. Diego de la Torre's coins are known as some of the most magnificent hand-struck coins to ever be minted for the  Spanish Empire. Well-struck, centered, and created with precision to detail, "Lima 'D's" are some of the most sought after Spanish colonial cobs. 

This is such an example; an exceptional 2 Reales cob from Assayer D. In an exemplary case of "ask forgiveness later," coins by Diego de la Torre were minted without permission from King Philip IV between the years 1577-1588. 

These pieces are also loosely known as "Lima D's" - Their reputation as the best quality of all Spanish cobs preceded them.  

It is important to note The Star of Magi Mint Mark (left of shield) commemorates the 12th day of the Christian Holiday of the Epiphany, on January 6th, 1535.  On this 12th day, The Magi (Three Wise Men) presented their gifts to the infant Lord Jesus Christ. Lima was founded on this day, and is known as the City of Kings for this reason.

Artifact Number: SC 21-328