Spanish Gold Coin - Private collection - 2 Escudos - Reign of Charles IV - Dated: 1787 - Mounted in 18K gold with diamond accents

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Denomination: 2 Escudos.                                         

Date: 1787

Reign: King Carolus IIII                                                

Mint: Madrid, Spain 

Assayer: M.F.                                                                       

Weight: 6.68g

Mount: 18K gold with .26ct diamond accents

Description: 2 Escudos private collection cob. Obverse: Bust facing – Inscription (Latin) CAROL·IIII·D·G· HISP·ET IND·R·. Translation "Carlos the IIII - By the grace of God - King of the Indies and beyond". Reverse: Crowned arms in order chain. Inscription (Latin) “N·UTROQ·FELIX· ·AUSPICE·DEO” Translation – “Under the Auspices of God there is Happiness on Both Sides”

History: Charles IV was born on November 11th, 1748 and died on January 20th, 1819. As the ruler of the Kingdom of Naples, He then became King of Spain from 1788-1808, during the turbulent period of the French Revolution. He succeeded his father, Charles III. Lacking qualities of leadership himself, Charles entrusted the government (1792) to Manuel de Godoy, a protégé of the queen, Maria Luisa of Parma. Their adherence to the First Coalition against Revolutionary France led to a French invasion in 1794. In July 1795 the conflict with France was ended by the Peace of Basle, which was followed the next year by the Treaty of San Ildefonso, an alliance between Spain and France against England. When Napoleon again occupied northern Spain in 1807, Charles, threatened by a coup, tried to flee to America, but was stopped and forced to abdicate by supporters of his son Ferdinand (March 1808). The following May, Napoleon deposed both Charles and Ferdinand, placing his brother Joseph Bonaparte on the Spanish throne. Charles spent the rest of his life in exile.