Spainish Cob - 1/4 Reales - Guatemala Mint - Dated 1821 (NGC MS67)

Denomination: 1/4 Reales (Cuartillo) 

Mint: Nueva Guatemala

Weight: 0.8458g

Reign: Ferdinand VII

Grade: NGC MS67 - 5766015-003


Mount: 14K gold ring

Description: Ferdinand VII 1/4 Reales 1821 NGC. A crackling Gem with flashy mint-freshness. Obverse: Lion with crown facing left. Reverse: Castle with mint mark to the left, denomination to the right. Date of 1821.

History: In the 19th century, screw press style coins were adopted, which had a more perfect, "milled" border and therefore could not be easily shaved or scammed. These full border coins replaced the rustic Spanish cob style coin which were crude and irregular. This "Cuartillo," or 1/4 Reales, is the smallest denomination Spain minted for silver coins.