1733 Fleet Floriday Keys Shipwreck - 8 Reales - Phillip V - Mexico City mint - Pillar Dollar - Grade VF - Mounted in 14K gold

Denomination: 8 Reales                                                                        

Reign: Philip V 

Mint: Mexico  City                                                                                     

Date: Fully dated 1733


Grade: Very Fine

Mount:  14K gold

Description: Fully dated Spanish Pillar dollar

History:  On the Thirteenth of July 1733, the New Spain Fleet left Havana, Cuba, on its return voyage to Spain. Sensing a change in the winds as the flotilla approached the Florida Keys, Lieutenant-General Rodrigo de Torres instructed the envoy to turn back towards Havana, seeking refuge from an oncoming storm by sailing as close to the winds as possible.

This artifact was recovered over 240 years later by Treasure Salvors, Inc., and has been conserved, and as such has been recorded as a unique artifact from the site C2044.