Authentic Spanish 1 Reales coin - Customized in Sterling Silver on a Black Leather Bracelet

Denomination: 1 Reales 

Mint: Potosi, Peru (Modern-Day Bolivia)  

Reign: Carolus IV, Spain

History: The Spanish empire of the early 17th and 18th centuries was the leading producer of most of the world's coinage.  Important Spanish mints and mining operations were then located in Bolivia, Chile, Peru, Columbia, and Mexico City. 

Spain’s monetary system was so well accepted throughout the world that it became the trade currency of the day. There were several public and private mints in Spain until Philip V, the first Bourbon King of Spain, decided in the 18th century to make minting coinage a State monopoly. The National mint in Potosi, Bolivia opened in 1572. It was from this mint that most of the silver coins shipped to the Old World were minted.