Spanish 1/2 Reales Coin - Mounted in a Sterling Silver link bracelet with 14K gold accents.

Denomination: 1/2 Reale

Mint: Lima, Peru

Date: Circa 1598 - 1621

Assayer: Not Visible

Weight: 1.7 gms

Reign: Philip III

History: The Spanish empire of the 18th and early 19th centuries was the leading producer of most of the world’s coinage. Important Spanish mints and mining operations were then located in Bolivia, Chile, Peru, Columbia, and Mexico. Seventy percent of the world’s gold and silver were produced in the colonies at that time. Spain’s monetary system was so well accepted throughout the world that it became the trade currency of the day. Portrait coinage first appeared on the gold coins of Philip V.  However, silver coinage remained without the change. Spanish mainland silver has a cross on one side and the shield of Spain on the other. The 1773, Charles II ordered the king’s portrait be placed on the silver coins as well. This practice continued until the Reign of Ferdinand VII.