Spanish Cob - 1/4 Reales (Cuartillo).

Denomination: 1/4 Reales (Cuartillo)

Mint: Bogota, Columbia

Weight: .85g

Reign: Charles IV

Grade: NGC 6772111-008 - MS63

Mount: 14K Gold

Description: Charles III-Charles IV 1/4 Real (Cuartillo) ND (1770-1796) Restrepo-2.2. Milled anepigraphic issue. The scarcest of the three known varieties, likely struck under Charles IV, the Castle and Lion matching 8 Reales Punches from the Bust series. Richly toned. Richly toned.: Lion with crown facing left. Reverse: Castle with mintmark to the left, denomination to the right. 

History: In the 19th century, screw press style coins were adopted, which had a more perfect, "milled" border and therefore could not be easily shaved or scammed. These full border coins replaced the rustic Spanish cob style coin which were crude and irregular. This "Cuartillo," or 1/4 Reales, is the smallest denomination Spain minted for silver coins.