Limited Edition - Musket Ball and Dolphin Pendant - Dolphins created with 100% Atocha silver in its purest form

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Dolphin Metal: Atocha Silver ( Bar #393) in a pure form.

Musket Ball: Lead

Historic Note: The "Main Pile" of the Nuestra Senora de Atocha was found in 1985.  Over 900 Silver Bars where recovered! The Silver in this hand cast piece is from one of the bars recovered in 1985 by Mel Fisher and his divers. This silver has not been refined and is in a very pure form. The silver is from ingot No. 393.  

The Musket shot was recovered from the H.M.S Griffin.  The Griffin was a British fighting frigate used during the seven year war with France.  Records indicate that the Griffin was chasing two French Privateers when she was lured by strange lights onto the reefs in Barbados.

This is a marriage of two shipwrecks!